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Meet Andrea Taimana – BioCosmeceuticals NZ – Seaweed formulator

How long have you been formulating your special blend of native New Zealand red seaweed, green algae and mamaku?

 I created BioRestore Plus in 2015. Combining most potent and versatile bioactives on an innovative way fortified  the power of each individual ingredient on a unique way  and increase their mutual performance.

Where and when did it all begin for you?

It all began 28 years ago, after pregnancy with my second child, that marked my face   with severe hyper pigmentation.  Since then I was trying to resolve it all possible dermatological treatments and over the counter ointments but unsuccessfully until I started to process and apply New Zealand native red seaweed on my skin.  Miraculously my 22 years old hyper pigmentation disappeared in nine months of using my own concoction made of native seaweeds, mamaku, manuka honey and our other precious botanicals and oils.

Why are organic/wild harvested ingredients important to you?

Firstly because I never liked to be expose to petrochemicals on my skin as it roughly takes 6 seconds for them to penetrate into your blood stream causing severe distress in our defence immune system.
And secondly, because I was born to this world with high levels of sensitivity for energies and magnetic field that surrounds us. I experienced and I firmly believe that organic and wild growing plants harvested on a traditional way with knowledge and respect, carry the nourishing and healing vibrations they possess into a final product.
And lastly I am totally involved with all natural New Zealand beauty powerhouse and its powerful and healing Mana.

How big a part of your everyday life is buying organic?

It has been my life for the last 25 years.

What’s the next big thing in organics (no trade secrets required)?

Custom made bioavailable products – fresh, hand crafted, customised, boutique batched.

What’s the best aspect of your job?

I am an innovator. So, I believe the best aspect of my job is an independence and freedom to be able to express my ever active innovative mind and knowledge while  managing my time/space to develop clinically proven top aesthetic and high performing organic ingredients and products that I believe in and am passionate about.

Have you had any setbacks over the years?

Of course, almost everyone does but that’s all part of the process & part of life. For me, setback presents a time for reflection on how I followed the purpose of my soul. It is a time to show vulnerability yet start again, daring greatly.

What is the first thing you do everyday?

While still in bed I contemplate and write down a positive mind-set for the day.

If you could start all over again somewhere else, where would it be and why?

Here where I am now. I believe everything is in us. It is not about the place.

If you could inspire others to make one small change for their health and the environment, what would it be?

Eliminate one bad eating habit for a month until it transforms to a good one, then start all over again. Take a shopping bag with you or say “No, thank you” for the plastic bag.

Coffee or tea?

Both – first green tea then coffee.

Name 3 people, dead or alive, you’d love to have dinner with.

I would like to see Mother Teresa and her team working in Kolkuta when she was still alive. I would love Tom Jones to sing me live Green Green Grass of Home 🙂
I would like to have dinner with a king of the happiest country in the world – the kingdom of Bhutan.

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