Why Your Skin Will Love Double Cleansing

Have you tried double cleansing? Maybe you’ve never heard of it and think we’re talking in a foreign language. Either way, we’ve got you covered with this simple technique.
Double Cleansing Explained
Let’s start with what double cleansing is. Simply put, it is cleansing your skin and then cleansing it again. It is the best way to ensure you’ve removed all of the debris and environmental pollutants from your day, including all make-up (if you wear make-up that is).
Part 1 – Double Cleansing With an Oil Cleanser
We would recommend that you begin with an oil cleanser. An oil cleanser formulated with a combination of high-quality organic oils fulfills the basic scientific principle that is; like dissolves like, therefore oils will dissolve oils.
Most of the daily grime that builds up on your skin is oil based; sunscreen, make-up, sebum (your skin’s natural oils), pollution from traffic, the list goes on. A well-designed oil cleanser ‘mingles’ with this dirt, dissolving it and then drawing out the remaining debris and excess oils. Double cleansing by starting with an oil cleanser is such an easy, quick and luxurious-feeling technique, it really is a joy to incorporate into your daily skin care practice, if it’s not already a part of it.
Simply pump 3 drops of Oil Cleanser into the palm of your hand, then massage deeply into face and neck. Gently steam away with a microfibre cloth and warm water (your skin should feel warm not hot during this process) by placing the warm, moist cloth flat over the left side of your face. Repeat over the centre and then the right side of your face. Skin should feel warm, calm and a little moist to the touch, not oily and not dry. If skin feels oily, repeat this process with your moist, warm cloth until skin feels balanced.
Or, to remove makeup, pump oil cleanser a few times into a warm, moist microfibre or muslin cloth, and use big deep circular motions over face. Use an upward wiggle then sweep to remove mascara/eye makeup and repeat as needed until no more makeup is coming off onto cloth. Clean your cloth with an organic bar soap and water, ready to go for the next step.

Double Cleansing Method Explained - Lewin & Reilly Organic Skin Care NZ Australia

Part 2 – Double Cleansing With a Cleansing Cream
Now for the second part of your double cleansing ritual. No matter what your skin-type is (oily, dry, combination, blemish-prone etc), we’d wholeheartedly recommend using a cleansing cream.
Soaps, even organic bar soaps and foamy style cleansers do one thing only, and they don’t discriminate, they cause imbalance by stripping skin, which is the exact opposite of what you’re trying to achieve in order to have a healthier looking and feeling complexion.
Cleansing creams by contrast keep doing all of the wonderful things that your oil cleanser just did, but think of them as the beautiful plump organic cherry that sits proudly on top of your delicious organic cake! They feel silky and nourishing to use and best of all, cream cleansers leave skin with a sense of calm. No angry redness, dryness or itchiness/stinging. Just calm.
Repeat the process above (in the Oil Cleanser section) for the next area of your face, being extra delicate around your eye area.
Simply use a few pumps of cleansing cream on clean fingers and massage onto face and neck. Leave on for a minute or two, soak your microfibre cloth in warm-hot water and lay flat over one side of your face for a few seconds.
Repeat this last part a few times on different areas of your face until your face and neck feel soft to the touch, not oily and definitely not dry. Splash face with cool water to re-invigorate skin, then follow with a spray of face tonic/toner, and apply your moisturiser and serum.

Double Cleansing Method - Lewin & Reilly Organic Skin Care & Beauty NZ Australia

A Quick and Easy Daily Routine
This wonderful double cleansing ritual takes just a few minutes and should save you a bit of money if you’re currently using disposable face wipes. Not to mention that feeling of calm you have when you know your skin isn’t going to freak-out suddenly.
Treat this as a yoga session for your face and your skin will be chanting om in no time.
Have you tried the double cleansing method? Maybe you saw a big improvement in your complexion as a result and would love to share? Email us at hello@lewinandreilly.com with your experience, or comment below… we love hearing from you!
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We would love for you to experience this duo of luxurious organic cleansers, and this beautiful ritual for yourself.
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Double Cleansing - Lewin & Reilly Organic Skin Care - Kukui Replenishing Oil Cleanser

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