Lewin & Reilly was born out of love…

for each other, for helping others, for the earth, for the present and the future.

Our focus on sourcing premium organic and wild harvested ingredients that are potent, rare, ethically produced and from close-by ensures you receive the utmost quality, every time.

A collection filled with an abundance of healthful nutrients for your skin, with the highest respect for your health and the environment.

We aim to create a collection so decadent, you’ll want to immerse yourself in it morning, noon and night.

Your Guarantee

Your health is so important, that's why our entire collection is formulated with a minimum 95% organic & wild-harvested ingredients grown in New Zealand, Australia and the islands of the South Pacific.

We source exclusively from boutique family-owned farms, companies that work directly with native land owners and environmentally conscious growers so that we, and ultimately you receive "fresher" ingredients in your skin care, more alive with nutrients, vitamins, anti-oxidants and more...

We are Certified Cruelty Free.

Plus our entire collection is suitably vegan.

The vast majority…

of our packaging is made in New Zealand, and is all fully recyclable with minimal plastic.

This includes the beautifully made watercolour boxes that envelope our hand-crafted creations.

The exception to the rule is our exquisite new Miron violet glass bottles, made in The Netherlands.

Miron violet glass is not only incredibly beautiful, but incomparable in the way it protects and improves the quality of premium native ingredients. Its rich dark violet, almost black colour works like a natural filter, that only lets in the beneficial spectrum of sunlight.

We believe in…

recycling, minimal packaging and maximum quality in everything we choose to create.

Testing solely on humans such as ourselves, friends and family, our skin loves us for it, and we hope yours will too.

An honest and transparent company with a sense of humour, we will always tell you, our wonderful customers and fellow humans, exactly what we do have in our formulations, and what we believe in, in a positive light.

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