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While we can’t guarantee a 100% match for everyone (as with anything in life), we can guarantee that because our ingredients are of such high-quality (which is rare in the skin care world), the chances of your skin reacting badly are slim. The chances of your skin tone, appearance and texture improving are high because the quality of our ingredients and formulations are the absolute best.

Your best option is to try 1 or 2 products within the collection first to see how your skin looks and feels after a month, plus to see how much you enjoy the aromas and textures. When you join our email newsletter, you will also receive a free gift with your first order, which enables you to try more of our collection.

Use our White Cypress Balancing Cleanser morning and night to help remove debris, make-up and daily pollution. This sumptuous, creamy cleanser helps to balance skin by using the natural anti-bacterial properties of White Cypress. It is remarkably gentle too, and won’t strip your skin of its precious natural oils. Soaps and foaming cleansers tend to strip skin, drying it out which then causes it to over-produce sebum (skin’s natural oils) to compensate. With a cream cleanser or oil cleanser, your skin’s natural oils are respected, and only the excess washed away. 
Dry complexions will also benefit from using our Coconut Water Brightening Tonic which provides deep hydration and enlivens skin. Rich in healthful coconut water which is full of vitamins, it can be used morning and night, plus during the day for a brightened, dewey complexion. 
To help boost dry skin even more, we’d recommend applying our Frangipani Nourishing Moisturiser which keeps skin supple, hydrated and protected. It is non-greasy, and sits perfectly under make-up. Simply apply with total abandonment all over face, neck and décolleté, morning and night after your tonic/toner to help seal in moisture. 

For oily skin, use our Kukui Replenishing Oil Cleanser, morning and night to help control excess oil and remove impurities concealed deep inside pores. This works on the scientific principle that like dissolves like, therefore oils will dissolve oils. Use with a microfibre cloth and warm water to gently steam away impurities and remove excess oil.

You would also benefit from using our Kakadu Plum Rejuvenating Serum. Its natural seaweed glycans (sugar molecules that sit on your skin’s surface) communicate to your skin’s layers, telling it to produce collagen. These are the very building blocks of healthy, new skin. The faster your skin turns over new cells and sheds old ones, the healthier it looks, feels and funtions.

As part of your weekly practice, try incorporating our Zeolite Purity Mask. It has an array of nourishing oils that sink deeply into skin. When removing with a microfibre cloth and warm water, the oils begin to draw excess oils, makeup and environmental debris out of skin. The Zeolite Purity Mask's natural clays and zeolite gently smooth away dead skin and debris on the surface.

Please note we always recommend patch-testing any new product on your neck or jaw prior to applying all over your face. Our entire collection is suitable and beneficial for most, if not all skin-types. This is because of the extremely high quality of each and every one of our ingredients. Our focus on provenance ensures each and every one of our products that leaves our humble studio contains the freshest, highest potency and truly healthful organic ingredients rich in beneficial nutrients and anti-oxidants.

Not all organic and natural collections are created equal.

Even organic brands may purchase “lifeless” ingredients from all over the world that have long since lost their potency. We purchase in small volumes, from small farms and indigenous land owners from our part of the world; Australia, New Zealand and the islands of the South Pacific.
We also still produce each batch in small quantities, so it’s not sitting around for months or even years.
As with food, skin care ingredients sourced from closer regions retain their “freshness”, and deliver greater levels of vitamins, anti-oxidants and nutrients. They are therefore more effective at delivering the health benefits they were originally purchased for.
We also choose sustainably wild harvested ingredients for their increased potency.

For example, the Kakadu plum has the highest levels of vitamin C in the world. This anti-oxidant protects your skin in much the same way as it protects the plant against the harsh sun and other harsh environmental conditions.

But it’s expensive, as are all of our ingredients. That’s why you’ll see ingredients you’re unfamiliar with in our ingredients list. Because we don’t just “throw” in 1 or 2 expensive ingredients, they’re all expensive because they’re all rare, exotic, extracted using innovative techniques that are time-consuming and expensive and from parts of the world where workers are paid fairly.

To sum all these factors up into one sentence: These products work.

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From time to time we offer global free shipping on all orders as a special promotion.

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Please allow 1-2 days after we’ve received your order, for it to be dispatched.

Postal transit times are:

Australia: 3-10 business days, usually 4 business days.

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U.S & Canada: 3-10 business days, usually 8 business days.

U.K & Ireland: 3-10 business days, usually 8 business days.

Hong Kong: 3-10 business days, usually 5 business days.

You can always email us if you feel your parcel is taking too long.

If you’d like your order delivered as quickly as possible using express post, please call us before placing your order on +64 9 3900 307 or email us using the link below to arrange express, or courier delivery. Please note, additional charges will apply for this service.

Most of our ingredients that are listed as organic are certified organic by various certifying boards; the A. C. O (Australian Certified Organic), BioGro New Zealand, U. S. D. A (United States Department of Agriculture), O. F. C. (Organic Food Chain) and ECOCERT. However, we also use organically grown ingredients from boutique farms that would find the cost of becoming certified prohibitive. Biodynamic and wild harvested ingredients also feature prominently in our formulations for their potency and respect for the environment.

We only use the finest certified organic/organically grown, wild harvested, biodynamic and natural ingredients from select regions of the world… those that are close-by.

Our entire collection is formulated with a minimum 95% organic and wild harvested ingredients.

This ensures the highest levels of nutrients are delivered to your skin every time, without compromise.

Yes, absolutely. If we did not use preservatives it’s likely that within a few days, your product would start to gather bacteria that are impossible to see.

This would result in a very unhappy experience for your skin indeed. We wholeheartedly support the use of preservatives in all water-containing formulations. We’ve researched preservatives extensively, and believe that ours (gluconolactone and sodium benzoate) is the safest for everyday use, as well as the most effective.

There are exceptions to the rule of course. For all non-water containing products, we have decided not to include a preservative. This is because bacteria tend to need water (or a similar substance such as hydrosols or aloe) in order to develop, grow and thrive.

Currently, the two products that do not contain any preservatives are:

Kukui Replenishing Oil Cleanser

Zeolite Purity Mask 

Please be careful not to let water get inside either of these products, should you choose to order them. Thank you.

Absolutely not. In fact, in 2015 we received ongoing Cruelty Free Accreditation from Choose Cruelty Free Ltd in Australia. We and our suppliers never have and never will test our products on animals. We do not use ingredients that are or have been tested on animals either. Ever.

We adore animals and have two rescue kitties of our own, and we strive to do good in this world for animals and humans alike.

No, we do not use parabens in our formulations.

We do believe that preservatives are essential for the safety of your products, and include a certified organic preservative in all Lewin & Reilly products that contain water, or water-based ingredients.

Absolutely not. We’re super animal friendly here at Lewin & Reilly and think it devastating that orangutan habitats are being destroyed for human consumables such as hair care, soap, cookies and chocolate.

We urge you to read the ingredients list on these types of products, and boycott companies that still continue to support this industry.

We are a vegan skin care brand, however we have used organic beeswax in the past, and will use it in the future. The farm that produces our beeswax uses bio-dynamic farming methods and we are assured the bees are treated better than the humans.

At this stage, we don’t have an SPF in our range.

Though we wholeheartedly recommend using a non-nano zinc oxide, organic sunscreen to compliment your Lewin & Reilly daily skin care practice.

Please get in touch with us if you'd like any more information on any of these FAQ's, or if you have any other questions about our collection. LEAVE A MESSAGE



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