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You Can Smell And Feel The Quality Of These Herbal Formulas.
I had been searching for an organic/wildcraft Kakadu plum skincare and came across L&R.

Loved the serum as did the family and went on to purchase a few more products. I haven’t used the complete range, however the Zeolite face mask and kakadu serum are really worth trying.

You can smell and feel the quality of these herbal formulas; clean, calm ,smoothe skin has been my experience with these products.

If you’re thinking of trying L&R out read up on Kakadu plum and give L&R a shot.

– Jahanna H.


My Beauty Therapist Asked Where My Pores Had Gone.

I started using the L&R skin care 3 months ago. I had just moved location and was looking for work – stressed and exhausted, my skin showed it like never before. I had broken out in ample pimples surrounded by inflamed red, itchy and flakey skin (perfect for upcoming job interviews)!

I have always had combination skin and inherited my dad’s large pores. If I wasn’t trying to hydrate a flakey chin I was try to stop a t-zone breakout, and often both at once…oh and I’m 30. It’s how it’s been for 20 years. Sooo…onto the good stuff!

I started using the Kukui oil Cleanser, Coconut Water Tonic, Frangipani Nourishing Moisturiser and Zeolite Purity Mask.

1. Oil cleanser – my goddess, this has been a life changer. My oily skin laps up the goodies, so has stopped trying to over-compensate with more oil, and my dry skin has completely vanished. This has lead to an all over brilliant complexion.

2. Coconut water – never one to have used something like this before, I’m enjoying it in my routine and I’m sure it’s adding to the overall moisture.

3. Moisturiser – having sensitive skin this is perfect. When I started using the skin care my skin was in such a bad state ANYTHING I used besides water caused my skin to flare up in a red rash which in turn cause puffiness and a general feeling of wanting to scratch my face off. From day 1 this soothed and replenished.

Interlude – as my skin was in such an awful state I wasn’t game to try the zeolite face mask for a week, but after my skin responded so well to the other products I decided to give it a go. I had a few patches of dry skin left, but no longer inflamed, and the mask gently exfoliated the reminder of the dry skin right off, leaving my face to feel like a baby’s bum for the first time in 20 years.

All in all, I’m over the moon with the quality of the products and ingredients and how well my skin has responded. I saw my beauty therapist on the weekend and she couldn’t stop saying how radiant my skin looked and even asked where my pores had gone. I may have given up my secret…but for the benefit of all! Thanks again L&R, I’m forever indebted. I may have given up my secret…but for the benefit of all! Thanks again L&R, I’m forever indebted

– Reneé S. 


The Moisturiser I Would Never Wish To Be Without. Ever.
Just received a new supply of Frangipani nourishing Moisturiser and Kukui Replenishing Oil Cleanser, along with a lovely handwritten note and trial size coconut water. I very rarely write reviews but compelled to write this one.

Lewin & Reilly are to be congratulated, not only for their impeccable customer service but truly the products are the best I have ever used!

I have very sensitive skin – L & R cleanser removes every trace of makeup and leaves my skin feeling and looking calm. The moisturiser I would never wish to be without ever!!

Almost 100% organic and wild harvested ingredients. Plus a little goes a long way so they last for a long time.

Thank you L&R

– Kathleen M. 


Made With An Abundance Of Care.
Great to be able to source products made with an abundance of care and kindness equally to the environment and to our skin.

And thanks Kim for shipping the products all the way to Dublin, Ireland. Hasn’t the world got small!

– Monika H. S.


Love, Love, Love These Products!

I love the fact that the ingredients are all organic and wild harvested. They feel incredibly smooth and subtle on the skin.

After a few days of using these products, my skin looks and feels more alive and glowing.

Love, love, love these products!

– Tania L.


The Face Mask Smells Good Enough To Eat.
L&R product range I feel is the pure natural sunshine for my skin. Each step I take in my daily facial routine, I see and feel my skin improve.

The face mask is just fabulous and smells delicious… good enough to eat. Truly amazing product range.

Please try it you won’t want to use any other product, plus the bonus is your skin is noticeably simply gorgeous.

A worthy investment.

– Sharleen L.


Such A Good Feeling.
I bought the sample pack from an expo a few weeks ago and I’m so impressed with the results.

I’ve had some very unflattering wrinkles on my forehead from too much sun exposure and after using the moisturiser for only a few weeks I can see a big reduction in those lines.

It’s also such a good feeling knowing that you’re putting something natural and organic on your skin. I also have very sensitive skin but I had no reaction to this product.

A real fantastic product, I’m so impressed !!!

– Julie P.


I Adore Your Face Cleansing Cream.
Hi team at Lewin & Reilly! I adore your face cleansing cream, it is the best I have used yet. It removes all makeup, smells divine and leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean.

I also can’t say enough about the purity face mask… after use my skin is so soft that I can’t stop touching it… truly.

It is amazing how the fine particles (which you hardly know are there) are so gentle on my skin but do such an amazing job and it’s easy to use.

– Rosemarie M.


After A Friend Recommended These Beautiful Products I’ve Never Looked Back.
During pregnancy my normally oily/combination skin became dry, flaky and super sensitive.

I was using normal chemical filled products from my local beauty therapist but everything made it worse. After a friend recommended these beautiful products I gave them a go and have never looked back! My skin is now the best it has ever been.

I love that my 2 & 3 year old kiddies can use my creams too because they are all natural!

Everything Mummy does my babies want to do too, and now they can.

– Rachel H.


My Skin Feels Amazing Afterwards.
I am in love with this serum! It smoothes onto my skin beautifully and my skin feels hydrated and well nourished.

I’ve noticed my skin is smoother and blemish free since using this serum after just a few weeks. It also smells absolutely divine! Used nightly after cleansing (a little goes a long way), I no longer need a night cream.

I definitely recommend using the Zeolite & Elderflower Purity face mask in conjunction for super smooth skin.

– Emily B.


They Feel So Light And Fresh, And My Skin Is Glowing.
I’ve been using Lewin & Reilly products for a couple of months and I will never go back to my old ones. As soon as I tried them I felt the difference. They feel so light and fresh, and my skin is glowing from day one.

I will only use these amazing chemical free skin care products and I totally recommend them. The service and follow up was a plus. I felt looked after. The price is very honest. Great value quality products!

– Celeste D.


The Frangipani Moisturiser Is Perfect For Sensitive Skin.
The Frangipani moisturizer is a wonderful product.

My skin is very sensitive and breakout prone, and my heavy winter moisturizer was just way too much for the humid summer. I took a chance and tried this brand in search of a light lotion that would soothe my skin and not cause any irritation – I’ve been using it for a little over a week now and I think it’s the one!

It soaks in quickly and leaves my face so soft and calm. I think it diminishes redness too and has helped manage my breakouts.

I do a lot of research on ingredients in products and I love how Lewin and Reilly have a link to every single ingredient in each product on their website. This shows me that they care about what they put into their products and strive to create legitimate solutions for their customers.

Many thanks from the U.S.!!!!

– Shannon K.


A Fan For Life.
I am absolutely wrapped in the Lewin-Reilly products that I recently ordered.

I must applaud you on the design of the bottles. The pump is awesome as it allows you to use exactly the amount needed. So therefore no wastage, but if you happen to pump out too much, it’s easily fixed as you can unscrew the pump and simply put the excess back in! I find that the bottle design allows me to keep the cleanser in the shower. This is great because I find that if its not easily accessible to me I tend to get lazy and forget to use it!

My favourite two products have to be the frangipani moisturiser and the white cypress cleanser. They both apply with ease to the skin and provide me with the right amount of hydration that I need. Not to mention the amazing bouquet that they have and the fact that they leave my face feeling smooth and well balanced. The fragrance often takes me back to my honeymoon in Fiji, so thank you.

Lastly I would like to mention the importance of the products being all natural. It’s been so nice to use beauty products that not only leave my skin looking and feeling amazing but also are great for me and kind to the environment. Best of luck with your future business, Kind regards, Kathryn Cotter (a fan for life).

– Kathryn C.


My Skin Feels Soft And Hydrated All Day.
I love that your products make my skin feel hydrated without any greasy film.

When I put on the moisturiser it just absorbs in and feels great.

– Louise A.


I Love The Results.
I’ve been using Lewin & Reilly cleansing cream, tonic & moisturiser for the past month and love the results.

The cleansing cream is light and beautifully fragrant, the tonic refreshing and the moisturiser is light to apply leaving the skin nourished.

I would highly recommend these beautifully blended products using nature’s exotic ingredients.

Kim, Co-Founder of Lewin & Reilly has provided an efficient and friendly service and I am looking forward to ordering my next package of ‘goodies’ from their range.

– Julia C.


My Skin Literally Drank The Moisturiser.
Amazing my skin literally drank the Frangipani & Kukui womens face moisturiser, immediate results highly recommend.

– Selina B.


Beautifully Light.
My skin absolutely loves these products and they smell so delicious. It’s so good to know they are natural, not full of chemicals, and that no animals suffer to make them. I’ve been using them for over a year now and don’t plan on switching anytime soon.

Gorgeous smelling, beautifully light and absorbed quickly. My skin never feels greasy after, just soft.

– Lorna M.


The Best Products Around.
I don’t just like Lewin & Reilly products, I LOVE them.

For someone with incredibly sensitive skin, their products have been a god sent! The oil cleanser leaves my face feeling amazing – I even use it whilst I shower to stop my skin from drying out and it works a treat.

Peace xx

– Nat W.


Great Ingredients.
I love it and I can’t wait to order another one.

Good price, great ingredients and it makes my skin feel amazing.

– Belinda B.

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