Origin Is Everything

Our Point of Difference

We like to do things differently here at Lewin & Reilly, and to say we're pedantic about the quality of our ingredients and where they come from, is an understatement to say the least.
Why? Because your skin care can do so much more for your skin, your skin’s health and the greater health of the planet than you might ever have thought possible, and it all starts with the ingredients.

From Place to Face

The best quality ingredients grown close to where you live make for the best, most delicious meals packed full of nutrients and anti-oxidants. So we decided to take our skin care to this next level of freshness.

Focusing on the origin of every single one of our ingredients means that our special formulations are backed-up by the absolute best ingredients.
Taking over a year to source the best suppliers from our part of the world, we partner directly with these specially selected producers, growers and farmers throughout New Zealand, Australia and the South Pacific.
This ensures an unparalleled experience skin and health-wise. 

Organic Ingredients

Ingredients such as Certified Organic Coconut Oil grown on a family owned farm in Fiji, native seaweed wild harvested in the pristine waters of New Zealand, and 
Kakadu Plum, wild harvested in the Kimberley region by the indigenous Bardi people of Western Australia are just a few shining examples.

But we don't just stop there, with one or two special ingredients. Each and every one of our ingredients are special - rare, native, premium, exotic, sourced from specific regions that are close to where we produce the collection, highly active and abundant with healthful properties.
Even our water becomes so much more when you factor in that it's glacial water, sourced from the Southern Alps of New Zealand. 

Benefits to You

Healthy, balanced and glowing skin that won't leave you guessing whether or not you'll have a "good skin day".
Peace of mind knowing that your skin care is healthful, anti-oxidant rich and wholly beneficial to your skin and your health. Marketing-hype only goes so far.
Guilt-free indulgence because you know your daily skin care practice doesn't come at the cost of the earth, harmless animals for testing purposes or your fellow humans' welfare.
Lewin & Reilly is not only made with the finest organic and wild harvested ingredients grown in select parts of the world, we use a minimum 95% of these wonderful sustainably harvested botanicals. Our entire collection is also certified cruelty free by Choose Cruelty Free Australia, suitable for vegans and palm oil free.

Nature is Painting For Us, Day After Day, Pictures Of Infinite Beauty, If Only We Have The Eyes To See Them - John Ruskin

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