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We are two humans, driven to help make a difference in this world.

Working closely together on beautiful clean and green Waiheke Island, New Zealand, to create something truly special for you, that is kind to the earth simultaneously. This is where the collection begins and ends - with humans.

Made by humans. Tested on humans. Used by humans.

The Beginning

The process we go through to make each and every one of our products begins 1-2 years before it reaches you; with sourcing ingredients.

Our motto “Luxurious Organic Skin Care From Place To Face” is more than just words, it’s the guiding principle we use each and every time we delve into finding the right ingredients, from the right farms and growers.

Rare, native botanicals grown close-by.

Rather than going the “easy route” and ordering from large pharmaceutical companies or faceless corporations, we seek out individual growers, companies working with indigenous land owners, boutique family owned farms and small business owners who have close connections with local growers.

If it’s organically grown in Australia, but not certified because the cost is too prohibitive for the small producer, we’d take that any day over a certified organic ingredient grown on the other side of the world by a larger producer. Why? Because the organic method of growing is the same, but the produce is fresher.

The proximity is closer to us, meaning less air miles, greater nutrients. Plus, the act of supporting growers directly and small business owners is vital to a thriving economy and community.

If we’re honest, sometimes we’re too pedantic about each part of this process, and things take a lot of time before completion, but with the trend for “slow living” rising, we’re ok with that.

The Middle

Our formulations are our own. Developed entirely by us, for you. No external lab, men or women in white coats, just us in our clean white aprons using our knowledge and experience over the years to conjure up different creations in our workshop, which happens to also be our home.

Any one of our products can take between 10-50 different test batches each before deciding on the right formulation. Science takes us so far, then our senses and feelings complete the cycle after many months of testing on our skin and our families skin.

Once we’re sure we have something unique and special, so begins the production-phase. Using many of the same utensils and necessities you might find in your home, we get to work. Special equipment such as our high-shear mixer and bottling machine come into action later on in the production-phase…

With strict procedures and fastidious cleanliness, each product is made in small batches of between 1-3kg; approximately 20-60 bottles, depending on the product and bottle size. Small batches ensure the greatest levels of nutrients are delivered to your skin every time.

Highly-active, fresh organic skin care.

To begin, each ingredient is carefully weighed and noted for accuracy, and for our records. Some elements require heating to ensure they combine well. The heating phase is also beneficial at ensuring our products are protected against micro-organisms, and bacteria.

The high-shear mixer comes into play now, making sure all the ingredients are blended and meld together in harmony with each other. For our Kukui Replenishing Oil Cleanser and Zeolite Purity Mask, we blend these by hand. Swirling and mixing all the beautiful oils, butters, spices and clays together, creating a spectrum of colours as we go; amber, chocolate, honey, sand, toffee and gold.

Next, we leave the products to “rest”, settling into their true state before they enter the bottling machine. Our bottling machine is a beautifully simple device; a large stainless steel funnel at the top, with a stainless steel nozzle below. This is a machine powered by humans, where each and every one of your products is pumped by hand into our exquisite Miron ultraviolet glass bottles and jars.

We then secure each closure onto the product, hand apply the date each one was made as well as it’s batch no. to the labels, then place each label on.

To complete the cycle, each product is safely placed into it’s beautiful watercolour carton, gift wrapped in delicate white tissue and shipped off to you, our wonderful customers.

Meaning we, the founders of Lewin & Reilly are connected to every single product that leaves our humble studio, and arrives to you.

Joyous, because there is no end…

Our aim is to create organic elixirs so decadent and joyous you will want to use them again and again, and get excited about each and every time you receive your special parcel.

A treat for you.

Something you can use every day to help unwind and centre yourself, creating your own daily at-home sanctuary that transports you to the origin of each product’s ingredients.

Whether it be the hot, vast savanna of the Kimberley region in Western Australia, where our Kakadu Plum extract grows wild.

The lush, pristine waters of New Zealand where our native seaweed thrives, or the other-worldly beauty of Vanuatu, where our raw cacao butter grows in abundance. This is one of many of the islands of the South Pacific where we source ingredients from, for their exquisite aromas and untouched potential.

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